ARTE TV: Europe’s housing crisis

It was a great pleasure to contribute to a TV broadcasting on the shortage of affordable housing in European cities on the TV station ARTE. I took part in a studio discussion in Paris, together with Marianne Louis, General Director of the French Union Sociale pour l’Habitat and Kai Warnecke, President of the German Association […]

New paper: Socio-spatial inequality in European cities after the financial crisis

I have a new paper out in CITIES, co-authored with Selim Banabak and Antonia Schneider, both colleagues from TU Wien. This paper has a longer history and comes out of research project on gentrification and socio-spatial inequality that we originally did in 2018/19. The abstract is below. You can read the paper open-access here: […]

New report: Vienna’s housing construction boom

I’m somewhat late with this, but Antonia Schneider, Leonhard Plank and I published a new report on housing construction in Vienna in June. It comes out of a research project that we did in the TU Wien research group Housing Research for the Chamber of Labour Vienna. In the project we cooperated with the real […]

Podcast: Precarious Housing in Europe (PUSH)

It was great fun to contribute to the podcast series of the Precarious Housing in Europe (PUSH) project. PUSH is a Strategic Partnership of seven European partners funded under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme. The program focuses on providing a knowledge base on precarious housing in Europe and raising awareness of the issue. It describes […]

New podcast interview with DerSpiegel

I recently contributed to a podcast around urban housing crises, Berlin, Vienna, and what to do about it. It was produced by the German newspaper DerSpiegel in collaboration with the Austrian newspaper DerStandard. I talked about similarities and differences between the German and the Austrian housing system, what the main causes are for the current […]

Call for papers: Late Homeownership. An ENHR workshop in remembrance of Ray Forrest, June 2022, Amsterdam

The ENHR working group Homeownership and Globalization that I’m jointly convening together with Caroline Dewilde and Richard Ronald is organizing a workshop in remembrance of the work of Ray Forrest. It will take place in Amsterdam in June. Centred on the notion of late homeownership, we are looking for papers that engage with the transformation […]