The neo-liberal restructuring of urban housing markets and the housing conditions of low-income households: an international comparison

There is growing recognition how cities and urban development across Western societies have been affected by the rise of neo-liberalism and free market principles in policy-making in the context of a shift from a Fordist to a Post-Fordist regulatory regime since the 1970s. This book sets out to specifically contribute to a better understanding of […]

New radio interview: Evictions in Vienna.

Every day seven households are evicted in Vienna. Public debates about this issue are, however, scarce. Georg Pöchhacker has produced a fascinating radio feature about the reasons, practice and consequences of evictions in Vienna. I was very happy I could contribute a bit through an interview based on research I did together with Mara Verlic […]

Book discussion: Tourism and gentrification.

On December 1st, I’ll be on a panel discussion about the upcoming book “Tourism and Gentrification in Contemporary Metropolises. International Perspectives”. The book was edited by Maria Gravari-Barbas (University Paris 1) & Sandra Guinand (University of Vienna). I’m looking forward to discussing the book together with the editors and Bas van Heur (Vrije Universiteit Brussels). […]

New publication: Analyzing Airbnb in Vienna.

I’ve been involved in a research project on Airbnb in Vienna in the last months. Together with my colleagues Roman Seidl and Leonhard Plank (both TU Wien), we have analyzed the listings of the online platform in the city. The particular focus has been on the number and types of listings, the geographical distribution, as well as revenues generated by the hosts. An important part was also to estimate the impact of Airbnb on the local housing market.