The impact of COVID-19 on housing markets

I’ve written a short piece how the pandemic may impact on the Austrian housing market. What do we know already and what can we expect? The short text initially appeared as part of the regular newsletter of the Austrian Association for Housing Subsidy (Verein für Wohnbauförderung). The published text is available here: There’s another […]

The transformation of social housing (Virtual Special Issue)

I have put together a Virtual Special Issue for the International Journal of Housing Policy on the transformation of social housing prior and after the Global Financial Crisis. It is a selection of papers that were previously published in the journal. My aim in selecting the papers was twofold: first, include a broad range of […]

New special issue out

If you are looking for some brand-new housing research to read amidst the current corona situation, I have a new special issue out in the International Journal of Housing Policy, co-edited with Cody Hochstenbach (University of Amsterdam) and Chris Lennartz (PBL Nederlands). It deals with the rise of what we call multiple property ownership, i.e. […]

Call for Papers: Housing research workshop in Hamburg

I am co-organizing a housing research workshop in Hamburg in May. This comes out of a collaboration of the ENHR working group Homeownership and Globalization, which I am co-coordinating with Richard Ronald and Caroline Dewilde, and the HafenCity University Hamburg, particularly Yuca Meubrink and Monika Grubbauer. All details below. Between Owning and Renting: Shifting approaches to […]

Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis

Dieses Buch ist der erste Sammelband zu Gentrifizierung in Wien. Es bietet einen Überblick über Wissen zu Gentrifizierung in Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis. Mit Beiträgen von: Walter Matznetter, Christoph Reinprecht, Lilli Bauer, Gerhard Hatz, Mara Verlic, Walter Rosifka, Christina Liebhart, Camilo Molina, Projekt Grätzeleltern, Yvonne Franz, Michael Friesenecker, Elke Rauth, Katharina Hammer, Judith Wittrich, Marc Diebäcker, […]