Youtube/Instagram Video: Why is housing in Vienna more affordable than in Munich?

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung) has a channel for young people, called Der Fluter. For this, the Agency produced a nice little video about Vienna’s housing policy, centered around a video interview they did with me. What can German cities learn from Vienna – and what shouldn’t they try to copy? I’m trying to embed the video below. In case it doesn’t work, here’s the Youtube link:

Here’s also the blurb of the video from Youtube (translated):

Why is it actually so much cheaper to rent in Vienna than in Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Munich? To answer this question, we spoke with urban researcher Justin Kadi. In the series “How do you do it?” we take a look at how other countries deal with certain issues – after all, other governments do it completely differently than Germany.