New book free to download: Gentrification in Vienna.

The book I edited together with Mara Verlic “Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis [Gentrification in Vienna: Perspectives from research, politics and practice]” has now been officially released. It is available for free download at the link below. You can also order a free copy with the funder of the book, the Chamber of Labour Vienna, under Here is the link to the free download: 

The book is the first edited volume on gentrification in Vienna. It includes contributions by Walter Matznetter, Christoph Reinprecht, Lilli Bauer, Gerhard Hatz, Mara Verlic, Walter Rosifka, Christina Liebhart, Camilo Molina, Projekt Grätzeleltern, Yvonne Franz, Michael Friesenecker, Elke Rauth, Katharina Hammer, Judith Wittrich, Marc Diebäcker, Renate Blum, Lukas Tockner, Sarah Kumnig, Roswitha Harner, Christian Bartok und Ronald Schlesinger.

New book in print! Gentrification in Vienna.

It has been bugging me for quite a while that there is no book that provides a general overview of gentrification in Vienna. But there will be one very soon! I had the pleasure to edit the first volume on this issue together with Mara Verlic. The book “Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis” [Gentrification in Vienna: Perspectives from research, politics and practice] aims to provide a state of the art overview of scholarly and practical knowledge on gentrification in Vienna. It brings together researchers and practitioners that write on gentrification from different perspectives. The book was funded by the Chamber of Labour in Vienna and will also be published in their book series Stadtpunkte. To get the debate going, there will be a book launch on May 6, 9:00-13:00 at the AK Wien. Authors will present their findings and there will be time for discussion and exchange. I’m posting the schedule for the event below. Unfortunately for all English speakers the book as well as the event will be in German. The book will be available in print at the event.

Wann: Montag, 06. Mai 2019, 9:00 – 13:00 Uhr
Wo: Hörsaal der TGA Plößlgasse 13, 1040 Wien, 4. Stock
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Lecture series: Gentrification in Vienna.

I’m happy to announce that I’m co-organizing a lecture series entitled “Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis” together with my colleague Mara Verlic. It will take place this semester at Vienna University of Technology. The series comes out of a book project that Mara and I are currently involved in. We are editing a volume that for the first time brings together work on gentrification in Vienna. The book aims to integrate a broad range of perspectives from the academy, politics and practice. It is funded by the Chamber of Labour and will be published in their book series. Envisaged publication date is this fall. I will post an update as we get closer to the publishing date. For now, I’m very happy that all authors will present their contribution in the upcoming lecture series. I post the program below. Lectures will take place every second Tuesday, starting on 9 October, 2018. Location: Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna, “Alte WU”, Hörsaal W3 (Erdgeschoß).

Gentrifizierung in Wien RingVO

New blog post: The political economy of demolition.

I’m reposting a blogpost that discusses the recent rise of demolitions in Vienna. I’m approaching it from a political-economy perspective and situate demolitions within the wider development of Vienna’s housing market since the mid-2000s. The post originally appeared on

Die politische Ökonomie des Hausabrisses

Mit 1. Juli wurde also die Wiener Bauordnung novelliert. Hausabrisse sind damit auch außerhalb von Schutzzonen genehmigungspflichtig. Die Verschärfung soll den Abriss von Gebäuden in Zukunft erschweren bzw. der Stadt mehr Eingriffsmöglichkeiten bieten.

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New interview with Austrian Tenant Association.

I’ve given a longer interview for the magazine of the Austrian Tenant Association “Fair Wohnen”. We talked about the current problems on Vienna’s housing market, gentrification dynamics in the city, displacement, investment patterns, as well as the plans of the new Austrian coalition government and what they may mean for tenants in the city. The magazine is available for download here (interview with me from page 22 on):

New publication: The business with the holiday homes. Airbnb in Wien.

I’ve contributed a short text on Airbnb in Vienna to the current issue of the journal Mieterecho, journal of the tenant association Berlin. The text is co-authored with my colleagues Leonhard Plank and Roman Seidl. It briefly sketches our research project on Airbnb in Vienna, specifically focusing on the business model for real estate investors behind the home-sharing platform. The text is available here:

New publication: Tourism in the digital city. The business behind Airbnb.

I’ve contributed to a short text entitled “Tourism in the digital city: The business behind Airbnb”. It is about how Airbnb is increasingly becoming a lucrative investment and a new means for investors to extract profit from tourism. The text was co-authored with Roman Seidl and Leonhard Plank and draws on our recent research on Airbnb activities in Vienna. It appeared in the German journal “Forum Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung”, published by the Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung, in an issue on “Tourism and urban development”. Our text can be downloaded here (in German):

The whole issue is available here:

New radio interview: Evictions in Vienna.

Every day seven households are evicted in Vienna. Public debates about this issue are, however, scarce. Georg Pöchhacker has produced a fascinating radio feature about the reasons, practice and consequences of evictions in Vienna. I was very happy I could contribute a bit through an interview based on research I did together with Mara Verlic (We digged out the numbers about evictions, see here

The radio show is available for streaming. I’m posting the link together with a short intro text below. Continue reading

Our symposium on affordable housing at TU Wien.

Last week our institute organized a symposium on the challenge of providing affordable housing in cities at the TU Wien, together with Urban Forum and Österreichische Städtebund. The event was a big success, with more than 150 people attending. The newspaper Wiener Zeitung published an article about the event here:

The program can be found here: