Call for Papers: Housing research workshop in Hamburg

I am co-organizing a housing research workshop in Hamburg in May. This comes out of a collaboration of the ENHR working group Homeownership and Globalization, which I am co-coordinating with Richard Ronald and Caroline Dewilde, and the HafenCity University Hamburg, particularly Yuca Meubrink and Monika Grubbauer. All details below.

Between Owning and Renting: Shifting approaches to Housing in the Post-Crisis Context in Europe

The Working Group Homeownership and Globalization of the European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) and the HafenCity University Hamburg are hosting a collaborative workshop on the theme: Between Owning and Renting: Shifting approaches to Housing in the Post-Crisis Context in Europe at the HafenCity University Hamburg on May 28 and 29, 2020.

Changes to homeownership always need to be evaluated in the context of changes and dynamics in the overall tenure structure and other broader developments in housing markets. Recent years have been marked by declining homeownership rates in a number of European countries. With the tenure increasingly out of reach for many and social and affordable rental housing not available in the amount needed, the private rental market has seen a remarkable revival. This has not only affected housing conditions and pathways, but is also indicative of a changing landscape of housing assets, with rising inequalities between those with assets and those without. Meanwhile, new policies are implemented, which intend to have a stronger steering effect on housing markets and ease housing problems and asset inequalities. Yet so far, the effects of these policies remain largely unclear.

This workshop seeks to explore recent changes to tenure structures, housing conditions, housing assets, as well as policy (re-)regulations and their effects on the former in the post-crisis context in Europe. A particular focus will be on London and Hamburg, two major urban centers with marked housing problems, but similarly, two cases with a range of new recent policy interventions. The first day will be focusing particularly on these two cities, while the second is open to papers on other international contexts. Those interested in presenting a paper should send an email expressing their interest as well as a short abstract (up to 200 words) to the workshop organizers (see below).

Important dates:·

Submission of abstract/intention to attend: March 5th

Confirmation of accepted abstracts: March 10th

Confirmation of Workshop Schedule: April 3rd

Opening Session: May 28th

Closing Session: May 29th

Workshop Organizers: Justin Kadi (TU Vienna), Yuca Meubrink (HafenCity University), Monika Grubbauer (HafenCity University), Richard Ronald (University of Amsterdam), Caroline Dewilde (Tilburg University)

Submission of Abstracts: Please submit abstracts by email before April 5th to Justin Kadi

The workshop will take place at the main campus of HafenCity University Hamburg and is free to attend. Places are, however, limited.