New paper out in European Planning Studies.

I’ve a new co-authored paper out together with Michael Getzner in European Planning Studies. I’m posting the abstract below. The full paper is available open access here: Determinants of land consumption in Austria and the effects of spatial planning regulations Michael Getzner  & Justin Kadi  A substantial area of permanently habitable land in Austria is already […]

New blog post: Study on affordable housing in Austria with methodological problems.

There’s growing public debate about affordable housing in Austria. Available empirical research on the issue, however, is scarce. The real estate platform has published a short report, which was also widely covered in the media. It provides current numbers, but has methodological problems. I’ve written a short post about it on the blog […]

Our symposium on affordable housing at TU Wien.

Last week our institute organized a symposium on the challenge of providing affordable housing in cities at the TU Wien, together with Urban Forum and Österreichische Städtebund. The event was a big success, with more than 150 people attending. The newspaper Wiener Zeitung published an article about the event here: The program can be […]

New publication: How the real estate industry successfully lobbied Austria’s new government.

I wrote a short piece on the reform plans for housing policy of Austria’s new coalition government. A comparison of the coalition agreement with the most recent press materials of the association of the real estate industry (Verband der Immobilienwirtschaft) shows how successful the industry did their lobbying. Many of their demands are included in […]