Talk: Vienna’s new housing question.

I was honored to contribute a talk to a seminar on the ‘right to the city’ at the University of Vienna, Department of Political Science last Friday. I gave a short presentation on the growing housing problems in Vienna, situating them in a discussion about the specific institutional context of Vienna’s housing market. We had […]

New paper out in New Political Economy

I’m happy the following paper is now out: The Revival of Private Landlords in Britain’s Post-Homeownership Society. I have been working on this piece with Richard Ronald (University of Amsterdam) during a short Post-Doc fellowship in Amsterdam. It relates to our ongoing work on asset-based welfare policies and housing property, and how these policies fail, with […]

Call for papers for special issue: The rise of multiple property ownership in times of late homeownership.

I’m editing a special issue in the International Journal of Housing Policy together with Cody Hochstenbach (University of Amsterdam) and Christian Lennartz (Rabobank NL). The call is available below: The rise of multiple property ownership in times of late homeownership While homeownership has notably grown and spread during the second half of the 20th century […]

Radio interview: Urban densification.

The Austrian Radio OE1 has interviewed me about urban densification. The particular focus was on the development of new housing in densely built areas and the challenges this brings. The broadcast is available for listening here: (in German, available until 14 November 2017)