New Publication in PROKLA.

I’ve published a new paper together with Lisa Vollmer from Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in the current issue of PROKLA – Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialwissenschaft. The paper is entitled “Wohnungspolitik in der Krise des Neoliberalismus in Berlin und Wien. Postneoliberaler Paradigmenwechsel oder punktuelle staatliche Beruhigungspolitik?”. It evaluates post-crisis housing policies in Berlin and Vienna in light of current debates on post-neoliberal housing policies. I’m posting the short abstract below:

Against the backdrop of rising housing problems and protests, the comparative paper asks to what extent a paradigmatic shif in housing policies towards greater decommodifcation of housing has been initiated in Berlin and Vienna. Recent housing policies in both cities are discussed and evaluated with reference to the emerging debate about post-neoliberalism in housing.

The paper is part of a special issue “Zur (neuen) Wohnungsfrage” put together by Inga Jensen, Sebastian Schipper, Dorothea Schmidt and Sandra Sieron. You can download it here:

The whole special issue is available here: