Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis

Dieses Buch ist der erste Sammelband zu Gentrifizierung in Wien. Es bietet einen Überblick über Wissen zu Gentrifizierung in Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis. Mit Beiträgen von: Walter Matznetter, Christoph Reinprecht, Lilli Bauer, Gerhard Hatz, Mara Verlic, Walter Rosifka, Christina Liebhart, Camilo Molina, Projekt Grätzeleltern, Yvonne Franz, Michael Friesenecker, Elke Rauth, Katharina Hammer, Judith Wittrich, Marc Diebäcker, […]

New book free to download: Gentrification in Vienna.

The book I edited together with Mara Verlic “Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis [Gentrification in Vienna: Perspectives from research, politics and practice]” has now been officially released. It is available for free download at the link below. You can also order a free copy with the funder of the book, the […]

New paper out on the geography of gentrification research.

I’ve a new paper out in the journal The Public Sector. I’m posting the abstract below. The paper is available open access here: Which cities are studied? Probing the geographical scope of 40 years of gentrification research Picking up on debates about the narrow geographical focus of gentrification research, this paper probes the geographical scope of […]

Housing conference in Berlin and new research project.

I’ll be in Berlin in the coming days for a conference entitled “Wohnen: Rebellisch, solidarisch, links” [Housing: Rebellious, solidary, left]. The event is organized by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. I’ll present the first results of a research project on Housing and Municipalism. The project compares housing policy responses to the housing crisis in Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and […]

Lecture series: Gentrification in Vienna.

I’m happy to announce that I’m co-organizing a lecture series entitled “Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis” together with my colleague Mara Verlic. It will take place this semester at Vienna University of Technology. The series comes out of a book project that Mara and I are currently involved in. We are […]