Lecture series: Gentrification in Vienna.

I’m happy to announce that I’m co-organizing a lecture series entitled “Gentrifizierung in Wien: Perspektiven aus Wissenschaft, Politik und Praxis” together with my colleague Mara Verlic. It will take place this semester at Vienna University of Technology. The series comes out of a book project that Mara and I are currently involved in. We are editing a volume that for the first time brings together work on gentrification in Vienna. The book aims to integrate a broad range of perspectives from the academy, politics and practice. It is funded by the Chamber of Labour and will be published in their book series. Envisaged publication date is this fall. I will post an update as we get closer to the publishing date. For now, I’m very happy that all authors will present their contribution in the upcoming lecture series. I post the program below. Lectures will take place every second Tuesday, starting on 9 October, 2018. Location: Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna, “Alte WU”, Hörsaal W3 (Erdgeschoß).

Gentrifizierung in Wien RingVO

New interview with Austrian Tenant Association.

I’ve given a longer interview for the magazine of the Austrian Tenant Association “Fair Wohnen”. We talked about the current problems on Vienna’s housing market, gentrification dynamics in the city, displacement, investment patterns, as well as the plans of the new Austrian coalition government and what they may mean for tenants in the city. The magazine is available for download here (interview with me from page 22 on): https://mietervereinigung.at/App_Upload/Backend/FairWohnenItems/FAIR_WOHNEN_2_2018.pdf

Talk and interview: Housing policies in Austria. Where are they headed?

I’ve recently given a lecture at the symposium “Markt oder Staat? Wohin steuert die Wohnungspolitik?”. The event was organized by the Verein für Wohnbauförderung. It aimed at discussing recent developments of housing policies in Austria in the context of the reform plans of the new coalition government. There was a set of very interesting national and international speakers, among them Andrej Holm, urban sociologist from Berlin, who talked about the mounting housing affordability crisis in Berlin. I contributed a keynote on recent developments of Austria’s housing market, challenges for the production of subsidized housing and possible impacts of the planned housing policy reforms. The talk was picked up by a number of media outlets. I’m posting the links below.

DerStandard: Stadtforscher: Untere Einkommensgruppen werden verdrängt 
Die türkis-blaue Regierung legt den Schwerpunkt in der Wohnungspolitik auf Eigentum. Experten für gemeinnützigen Wohnbau befürchten finstere Zeiten für Mieter und immer weniger leistbaren Wohnraum

DiePresse: Wohnpolitik: SPÖ warnt vor “Entwicklungen wie in England”
Die Regierung wolle “Gewinne für neoliberale Kräfte generieren”, kritisieren vor allem sozialdemokratische Referenten bei einer wohnpolitischen Tagung in Krems.

Wiener Zeitung: Steigende Angst vor zu wenig leistbaren Wohnungen
Liberalisierung des Mietrechtsgesetzes führt zu höheren Mieten, warnt TU Wien-Experte.

New publication: The business with the holiday homes. Airbnb in Wien.

I’ve contributed a short text on Airbnb in Vienna to the current issue of the journal Mieterecho, journal of the tenant association Berlin. The text is co-authored with my colleagues Leonhard Plank and Roman Seidl. It briefly sketches our research project on Airbnb in Vienna, specifically focusing on the business model for real estate investors behind the home-sharing platform. The text is available here: https://www.bmgev.de/mieterecho/archiv/2018/me-single/article/geschaeft-mit-ferienwohnungen.html